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JRA General Assembly and Self-Leadership Workshop (organized by JRA)

Do you want to improve the working conditions for postdocs and ass.professors at Aarhus University?

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Thursday 8 December 2022,  at 11:30 - 16:00


Preben Hornungstuen, Building 1422


AU Junior Researcher Association


11:30-13:00: Lunch and Junior Researcher Association General Assembly

  • Election of chairman and minute taker
  • Approval of the agenda
  • Presentation of the Junior Researcher Association for new memebers
  • Election of board members
  • Submitted proposals

13:00-16:00: Self-leadership Workshop with Matt Lane

  • While a joyful curiosity might be the fuel of research, doing it day-to-day can be really tough.
  • The purpose of this practical and pragmatic session is to use the tools of leading others to help us lead ourselves: to move – even just a little bit – from a sense of merely surviving within the research process to thriving within it. In this welcoming, safe, environment, we will explore four elements of leadership and in the process, investigate practical strategies to help us boost our resilience and productivity, and reduce our procrastination. This programme is then for those who are both curious to learn and want practical strategies to do both research and well-being just a little bit better. 

Speaker: Matt Lane, PhD, International Researcher Developer and Facilitator. Director of The Researcher Development Partnership

Matt is passionate about helping researchers contribute better to society by doing better research. Therefore he specialises in four areas: communication and the foundations of academic English for international publication; researcher wellbeing; researcher leadership using key mindsets to master essential skillsets; and organizational development to affect positive structural change.

A course certificate will be awarded after partcipation in the workshop "Self-leadership"