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Tests and Testing Your Strengths and Weaknesses (organized by AU Career PhD & JR)

Try the Garuda Profile Test - Deadline for signing up: 8 December 2022

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Tuesday 13 December 2022,  at 14:00 - 16:30


Building 1465-315


AU Career PhD & JR

Through the Garuda focus profile test you will get insights into your work preferences, focus and your strengths and weaknesses. This is useful in relation to job interviews and in understanding why you might not always follow your colleagues' way of working. During the workshop you will be discussing your profile with other participants. As a part of the workshop, you will meet Marie Vorre Skydsgaard.

Deadline for signing up: 8 December 2022

As a former Recruitment Partner in different Danish companies and a longtime career counsellor to internationals seeking employment in Denmark, Marie will share her experience on how profile analysis is utilized in recruitment processes. We will explore how profile analysis are applied by the Recruiter and Hiring Manager, how they play a part during interviews and the impact they have on the decision, what kind of questions they generate, and why. Marie will also briefly talk about how you can prepare as a candidate.

Friday 9 December you will receive a link to a Garuda test that you need to fill in. The test will be the foundation of the workshop and it takes app. 10-20 minutes to prepare. 

This event is aimed at both PhD students and Junior Researchers at all levels of their education or career.