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MatchPoint Conference: Our Fascinating Brain

Experience neuroscience at its finest when some of the world’s leading experts visit Aarhus University for a conference about the brain.

The conference is called Our Fascinating Brain because the brain truly is an extraordinary organ. The brain is the home of our consciousness, our thoughts, our language, our ability to move around, to learn, to memorise and to reflect. In short: the brain is what make us human beings.

MatchPoints 2022 is your chance to experience prize-winning researchers present their cutting-edge research. The fascinating two-day academic programme features 16 workshops within four main topics: the molecular brain, the plastic brain, the emotional brain and the diseased brain.

  • What can reptiles tell us about our emotions?
  • Which regions of the brain are responsible for pleasure and love?
  • Can we walk our brains younger?

These are just some of the compelling questions that more than 60 experts from Denmark and abroad will present and discuss with you. The conference features a large number of researchers from medical sciences as well as researchers from the humanities, political science, and the technical and natural sciences.

At MatchPoints 2022, PhD students and Postdocs will have the opportunity to attend an informal lunch with one of the 5 keynotes speakers at the conference. Seats will be distributed at a first come, first served basis. Read more and register at: Matchpoints.au.dk