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Why do a PhD at Aarhus University

Aarhus University is a leading international university where in-depth, cutting-edge research is combined with interdisciplinary collaboration, a focus on talent development and strong ties to business and industry.

At Aarhus University, we are determined to attract the most talented PhD students in the world. We offer you an international research environment and the best possible conditions for developing your special talents.

The PhD programmes are offered at five graduate schools: Arts, Aarhus BSS, Health, Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences.

Join an ambitious, dynamic research environment

As a PhD student at Aarhus University, you will be part of a diverse body of researchers. The university employs more than 2,500 doctoral and postdoctoral researchers and approximately 2,000 senior researchers, lecturers and professors, which means that the research environment is young and dynamic. The work environment at Aarhus University is characterised by a culture of collaboration and openness combined with high academic ambitions. The atmosphere is informal and there is an emphasis on open dialogue, which leads to a working culture that strongly encourages creativity and independent decision-making.


During PhD studies in Denmark you are required to:

  • Take relevant courses or similar educational modules equivalent to six months of studies.
  • Attend active research environments away from the institution to which you are admitted,  by study trips to other, mainly foreign institutions.
  • Gain experience in teaching or in other types of research dissemination.

Career opportunities

The PhD has become an extremely attractive qualification for careers outside academia, for example in large companies in the consulting sector (lawyers, accountants, consultants etc.), the financial sector, international organisations and public administration.

With a PhD degree from Aarhus University, you will be able to independently undertake high-calibre research, development and teaching projects in both the private and the public sectors. The majority of PhD students from Aarhus University find employment before graduating or in immediate continuation of their PhD studies.

Find more data about employment of Aarhus University’s PhD graduates at AU Career PhD & JR

Our nationwide locations

Aarhus University has campuses, research facilities and field stations all over Denmark.
See a map of Aarhus University’s different locations.

Our main campus is Campus Aarhus, situated in the centre of Aarhus.
Additional AU campuses near larger cities are:

  • Campus Emdrup near Copenhagen
  • Campus Foulum near Viborg
  • Dept. of Environmental Science near Roskilde
  • Dept. of Bioscience near Silkeborg
  • BTECH near Herning