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Molecular Biology and Genetics

PhD studies

Here you will find information on formal administrative matters of the PhD degree programme for Molecular Biology and Genetics (MBG) - including Molecular Medicine.

This includes the following:

You can also find information about other matters that are relevant to your PhD studies:

Other information relevant for MBG students

Here you'll find answers to many of the questions asked by students and supervisors.

PhD-related expenses
At MBG, expenses connected with the PhD education (e.g. travel costs, computer etc.) are under normal circumstances covered by the PhD project supervisor. In cases where this is not possible, the Head of Department Erik Østergaard Jensen should be contacted.
Workload calculated for teaching
A 45 min TØ teaching is in average calculated as 2.5 work hours. This includes preparation and correction of reports.

Teaching-free semester

You have one teaching-free semester (equalling 140 wage hours) without salary reduction, which we recommend to place at the end of your PhD study.

The 140 wage hours are evenly distributed among the 14 weeks in a semester (salary-wise 10 wage hours/week). Therefore, if you hand in your thesis in the middle of a semester - and place the teaching-free semester in the end of your PhD-study - you will cash 70 wage hours in that semester and therefore you will also be able to cash the remaining 70 wage hours in the preceding semester. However, you will still have to teach equalling 70 wage hours in this "second last" semester unless you apply GSST for teaching exemption with salary reduction for those 70 wage hours.

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