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3 Minute Thesis Competition

Join us as we embark on a quest to discover AU’s finest research communicator among our talented PhD students!

For the past two years, AU’s PhD students have triumphed in the grand finale of the European research communication contest, 3MT. Now, in 2024, AU is on the hunt for the candidate who will defend that coveted title.

Mark your calendars for the AU event on 13 March and register below! Let’s celebrate knowledge, passion, and the art of sharing science!

What is the 3MT?

Every year, Aarhus University invites its PhD students to participate in the 3 Minute Thesis competition (3MT). In 2024, the competition will be held in Stakladen at Aarhus University on 13 March 2024. 

In 3MT, PhD students present their research project in three minutes for an audience of non-specialists with only one static slide – and no other resources. To prepare the participating PhD students for this challenging exercise, the PhD students are taken through a communication workshop, feedback session and practice session before the competition.

On 13 March 2024, a internal AU jury will announce the internal AU winner based on the judging criteria mentioned in the Coimbra Group Call below. The audience will vote for their favorite presentation and thereby select the People's Choice Award. 

The video of the performance of the internal AU winner will be submitted to the international competition held by the Coimbra Group of more than 35 European universities. A Coimbra Group panel will then select the top three candidates, who will be invited to present at the Coimbra Group annual conference. In 2024, the 3MT international competition will be held on 6 June in Turku, Finland.

The 3MT was founded at University of Queensland, Australia in 2008 and is held at over 900 universities across more than 85 countries. 

Important dates - 3MT 2024

All participating PhD students will be attenting a mandatory workshop and feedback session before the final competition on March 13. 

Workshop – 13 February 2024, 14.00-17.00
Course in rhetoric, body language, voice control and specific 3MT delivery skills. Participation in the workshop is mandatory. 

Feedback session – 28 Februay 2024, 13.00-16.00
After the initial workshop, you will have the opportunity to run through your performance in front of the workshop teacher and receive feedback before the competition. Participation is mandatory. 

Practice session – 7 March 2024, 14.00-16.00
A week after the feedback session, you will have the opportunity to run through your performance in front of the other contestants and the organisers of the 3MT competition - one final run through on stage before the 3MT competition. At this point, it's all about the minor details and adjustments. Participation in the practice session is voluntary.

3MT Competition at Aarhus University – 13 March 2024, 16.00-18.30
The final event will be held in Stakladen at Aarhus University. All presentations will be live, and a panel of judges will evaluate the performances and select the winner. Audience members will help choose the people’s choice winner. All performances will be recorded and will be made available on this website after the event. 

Preliminary programme - 3MT Competition 2024

The 3MT Competition at Aahus University will take place in Stakladen 13 March 2024, 16.00-18.30. This year's host will be former competitor and winner of 3MT 2022, Omeed Neghabat. 

The preliminary programme is:

  • Welcome and introduction to 3MT
  • The first batch of presentations – 3 minutes and 1 slide
  • Break
  • The second batch of presentations – 3 minutes and 1 slide
  • Jury deliberation, audience voting and break
  • People’s Choice Award
  • Winner of 3MT

The final programme and order of presentations will be available prior to the event.

Participants - 3MT 2024

Tora Haug
Health, Department of Clinical Medicine
"How can one assess a surgeon's skill during advanced bowel cancer surgery?"

Simone Manti
Technical Sciences, Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering
"Learning Equations from Physical Phenomena"

Ragnhild Laursen
Natural Sciences, Department of Mathematics
"Are you confident in your data analysis?"

Malthe Jessen
Health, Department of Public Health
"School well-being and performance among children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis"

Malte Grewoldt
Natural Sciences, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
"About the Matriarchy of Tiny Flies"

Lina Münker
Health, Department of Clinical Medicine
"Not so invisible - Early predictors of functional somatic symptoms in youth"

Layla Pohl
Health, Department of Biomedicine
"Seeing Is Believing"

Josefine Tingdal Taube Danielsen
Aarhus BSS, Department of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
"Cognitive impairment even before cancer treatment - what does it mean?"

Jakob Johannsen
Technical Sciences, Department of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
"Optimal protein concentration in diets for sows during the transition period"

Irina Palimaru Manhoobi
Health, Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University; Department of Radiology, Aarhus University Hospital
"Imaging of resection margins during breast cancer surgery"

Eva Kjærgaard
Natural Sciences, Department of Chemistry
"The Journey of Plastic: From Ocean to Air"

Emil Dare
Natural Sciences, Department of Mathematics
"Stereologically Adapted Crofton Formulae"

Emil Brinch Holm
Natural Sciences, Department of Physics and Astronomy
"A tale of two statistics: How different ways of interpreting data changes our understanding of the Universe"

David Stamenov
Technical Sciences, Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering
"Machine Learning Estimation of Wave Loads on Floating Wind Turbines"

Daniel Strack
Technical Sciences, Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering
"Biomechanical model of the human spine"

Azhar Zhartybayeva
Technical Sciences, Department of Agroecology - Soil Fertility
"Grasslands as Climate Champions"

Andreas Nygaard
Natural Sciences, Department of Physics and Astronomy
"Accelerating the Cosmos with machine learning"

Nikolaj Nyvold Lundbye
Natural Sciences, Department of Mathematics
"How many holes should your data set have?"

Peter Thestrup Waade
Arts, School of Culture and Society - Interacting Minds Centre
"Physical markers of social connection in improvised social coordination: the case of Lindy Hop and other partner dances"

Santiago Gil Arboleda
Technical Sciences, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
"Towards realization of Digital Twins for systems with coupled behavior"

Meet two former contestants

Meet Omeed Neghabat and Anne Lundahl Mauritsen - two former contestants in the 3MT Competition. Among other things, they for example learned how to structure and deliver a presentation in one coherent connection. Watch the two videos below and learn more!