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Three Minute Thesis Competition

Every year, Aarhus University invites its PhD students to participate in the 3 Minute Thesis competition (3MT). In 2023, the competition will be held on 22 March in the Stakladen at Aarhus University.

Below you will find more information about the 2023 competition and find videoes and pictures from the competition in 2022.

Registration for this year's competition is now open until 26 January 2023. 

What is the 3MT?

In 3MT, PhD students present their research project in three minutes for an audience of non-specialists with only one static slide – and no other resources. This challenging exercise develops presentation, research and academic communication skills and supports the development of the researcher’s capacity to explain their work effectively.

The internal winner at AU receives a DKK 35,000 travel grant, and the video of the performance is submitted to the international competition held by the Coimbra Group of more than 35 European universities. 

A Coimbra Group panel will then select the top three candidates, who will be invited to present at the Coimbra Group annual conference. In 2023, the annual conference will be held on 31 May - 2 June in Cologne, Germany.

The 3MT was founded at University of Queensland, Australia in 2008 and is held at over 900 universities across more than 85 countries. 

How to apply?

To be part of the 3MT competition at Aarhus University, please express your interest and apply here: events.au.dk/3mt2023/signup.

Deadline for submissions: 26 January 2023. 

To apply you must:

  • be enrolled at Aarhus University as a PhD student. 
  • fill in and upload the template for the description of your project and motivation to join the competition. The file name of the upload should be your first and last name. Be aware that presentations not reporting tangible results will be excluded from participation by the technical jury.
  • upload a photo of yourself - this will be used on the website if your application is successful.

Please note that the submission of your project description and motivation to join is merely an expression of interest and an application to participate in the 3MT competition. It will not automatically grant you a place in the 3MT competition.

After the deadline for submissions on 26 January 2023, all applicants will be notified of whether they have been selected to participate in the workshop, feedback session, practice session and competition. As far as possible, we endeavour to ensure that all faculties and subject areas are equally represented at the 3MT competition at Aarhus University. 

Important dates - 3MT 2023

Deadline for submissions – 26 January 2023, 23.30
A week after the deadline for submissions on 26 January 2023, all applicants will be notified of whether they have been selected to participate in the workshop, feedback session, practice session and the final competition.

Workshop – 21 February 2023, 13.00-16.00
Course in rhetoric, body language, voice control and specific 3MT delivery skills. Participation in the workshop is mandatory. 

Feedback session – 7 March 2023, 13.00-16.00
After the initial workshop, you will have the opportunity to run through your performance in front of the workshop teacher and receive feedback before the competition. Participation is mandatory. 

Practice session – 15 March 2023, 14.00-16.00
A week after the feedback session, you will have the opportunity to run through your performance in front of the other contestants and the organisers of the 3MT competition - one final run through on stage before the 3MT competition. At this point, it's all about the minor details and adjustments. Participation in the practice session is voluntary.

3MT competition at Aarhus University – 22 March 2023, 16.00-18.30
The final event will be held in Stakladen at Aarhus University. All presentations will be live, and a panel of judges will evaluate the performances and select the winner. Audience members will help choose the people’s choice winner. All performances will be recorded and will be made available on this website after the event. 

2022 3MT overall winner – Omeed Neghabat

Omeed is a PhD at the Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University. He was chosen by the judges as the 3MT overall winner at Aarhus University from a field of 18 strong competitors.

Title: Looking at the human heart from the inside out

Omeed won a travel grant in the amount of 35,000 DKK.

See Omeed's presentation here.

Additionally, Omeed was part of the three finalists among 23 doctoral students and he won the final at the annual Coimbra Group conference 2022 in Padova on 10 June 2022. Omeed won a grant in the amount of 3,000 EURO. 

See the 3MT final in Padova here.

2022 3MT People’s Choice Award – Rimsha Binte Jamal

Rimsha is a PhD at the Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center at the Faculty of Natural Sciences. She was chosen as the People’s Choice winner in a vote in which 200 audience members participated.

Title: Know it before you consume it through a bacterial biosensor

Rimsha won an AU powerbank, an AU thermos bottle and an AU notebook. 

See Rimsha's presentation here.