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A list of literature relevant to career development and planning for PhD students and junior researchers.

Tænkepause: Karriere (2022)

The book is a part of the series “Tænkepauser – viden til hverdagen” (Reflections) from Aarhus University. Rie Thomsen brings focus to the fact that, we must control the direction of our career as much as possible, but we should also come to terms with the fact that coincidences and accidents can affect our career path.

Thomsen, R., Karriere (2022), Aarhus Universitetsforlag

You and Your PhD – Essential career advice for doctoral students (2021)

Monika Janfelt wrote You and Your PhD – Essential career advice for doctoral students which is a mustread for PhD Students. The book will guide you through the different phases of being a PhD student and show you how to turn your PhD into your career dreams.

It teaches you how to tend to your future career while doing your PhD and how to use your PhD period in the best possible way – careerwise. Be inspired, learn from examples and get hands-on advice for plotting your own course.

Janfelt, M., You and Your PhD - Essential career advice for doctoral students (2021), Monika Janfelt and Moveo Publishing

Career - The Art of Moving on (2018)

Dr Monika Janfelt fil.dr, previously a university researcher and associate professor, now devotes her time to mentoring and helping people in their careers.

She has published a considerable number of research articles, papers and books. Janfelt wrote this book intended for academics who are contemplating and perhaps considering changing their careers, and who would like to learn more about their career skills and transition processes.

Janfelt, M., Career – The Art of Moving on (2018), Monika Janfelt and Moveo Publishing

Hit med jobbet – skriv den ansøgning, der får dig til samtale (2018)

The author of the book is Steen Kræmer Rasmussen and it presents an examination of every element of a job application. You will receive advice and guidance concerning writing techniques, layout and the initial research work.

Rasmussen, S. K., Hit med jobbet – skriv den ansøgning, der får dig til samtale (2018), Frydenlund

What Every Postdoc Needs to Know (2017)

The book is written by Liz Elvidge, Carol Spencely and Emma Williams. You will find advice on

  • Choosing the right postdoc for you
  • Maximising your postdoc contract for personal and professional goals
  • Selecting and attaining your next career step (academic or otherwise)

Elvidge, L., Spencely, C., & Williams, E., What Every Postdoc Needs to Know (2017), World Scientific Publishing Europe Ltd.

Career Planning for Research Bioscientists (2013)

Sarah Blackford wrote this essential career guide for bioscience doctoral students and postdoctoral researchers. The book contains among other things a wealth of information and resources specifically targeted at research bioscientists, practical strategies to enhance career success in an increasingly competitive job marked and advice on how to write a winning CV.

Blackford, S., Career Planning for Research Bioscientists (2013), Wiley-Blackwell

Sarah Blackford's blog: Bioscience Careers

Sarah Blackford is a career consultant with over 25 years of experience. Her posts revolve around career guidance and you should definitely visit her blog here for inspiring advice and reflections.

Cheeky Scientist

Cheeky Scientist is a group of former PhDs who help other PhDs to get hired into their dream jobs. Visit Cheeky Scientist here.