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Job markets

Where can I go and what do I need to know?

There are many opportunities in job markets both within and outside of Denmark that are worth exploring. In general, most companies and organizations look for a similar breadth of competences, experiences and qualities in their applicants relevant to their sector. On this site you can find some practical information and some helpful links for opportunities in a selection of job markets. Follow the buttons below to read more. 


The job markets in Denmark, Sweden and Norway offer very good potential for domestic and international applicants. Labor markets are flexible and open, with a high regard for PhD degrees and internationalism. In particular, there is a strong demand within the medical, healthcare and pharmaceutical as well as the engineering sectors.

Tips to note:

  • High level English is widely spoken in the workplace
  • Good work life balance
  • Networking very important and highly practiced
  • Cost of living is generally higher than other parts of Europe, however, salaries are also higher

Job sites for Scandinavia:

Jobindex searches for job postings in 500+ job sites in Denmark. By signing up, receive daily job postings tailored to your specific requirements.

Job-i-staten.dk offers you the official overview of available positions in the public sector in Denmark.

Nordic Job Solution requires you to create a profile to use its site. It offers job listings as well help with all the practical challenges of living and working in Scandinavia. 

The Swedish Public Employment Service provides a comprehensive job bank for job seekers in Sweden.   

Arbeidsplassen is Norway's most complete vacant jobs overview.   


The Dutch labor market provides a robust and diverse potential for international job seekers and growth over the last years has been strong. The market is very international due to the high numbers of international graduates from Dutch Universities. Extra languages in addition to English are highly sought after, in particular, Scandinavian languages. The job sector is strong; with particular strength in financial services and IT.

Tips to note:

  • Certified copies of degrees, certificates or recommendations may be required (similar to Germany)
  • English widely spoken with high fluency levels among the public
  • Workplaces value work-life balance

Job sites for the Netherlands:

The national vacancy job bank is a comprehensive job bank for the Netherlands. 

Werk.nl lists jobs as well as giving practical advice on all matters of working in the Netherlands.


United States

The USA provides a very flexible job market with wide-ranging opportunities. However, in general, jobs are more insecure than in Europe. In order to work in the US, you need a visa, which requires sponsorship by an employer beforehand.

Tips to note:

  • Do not include personal information or photos on your CV
  • Do not list your High School
  • Make sure your English is grammatically correct and that your referees can respond in English
  • CVs are called resumes in the US and are usually very short (1-2 pages)

Job sites for the USA:

Monster.com offers a comprehensive and nation-wide listing of jobs, as well as career resources.

Glassdoor.com lists jobs, salary information, company reviews, and interview questions.

International job sites

LinkedIn® is increasingly used by companies for recruitment and job postings.  

EURES is a cooperation network designed to facilitate the free movement of workers within the EU 28 countries plus Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. EURES helps jobseekers to find jobs and employers to recruit from all over Europe. 

GoinGlobal is a job search database featuring millions of employment listings updated daily and searchable in both English and the local language. This includes public and private organizations as well as NGO’s and development agencies. 

The UN Job Portal offers a comprehensive listing of jobs with the United Nations and other international organizations. 

United Kingdom

Despite some weakening of the job market and an uncertain future due to Brexit, the UK still offers a multitude of job opportunities with a strong labor force overall. Strong market sectors include financial services and IT.

 Tips to note:

  • High command of English required and all application materials should be proofread carefully
  • Hierarchical structures prevail in the workplace, and family connections and where you went to school still play important roles
  • Do not include personal information or photos on your application
  • Immigration/work laws will change once Brexit is enacted

Job sites for the UK: 

Prospects.uk is a comprehensive job site including job listings and educational experience guidance. 

Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Germany, Austria and Switzerland offer strong economies and labor markets with a wide range of job opportunities. The PhD is highly regarded and often required in many senior industry positions. In particular, there is strong demand in the STEM areas and IT job markets in these countries.

Tips to note:

  • Workplaces are often hierarchical
  • Levels and usage of English can vary widely
  • Further documentation is often required in an application, such as copies of diplomas, certificates or letters of reference (Zeugnisse)
  • Foreign qualifications often need to be formally certified or notarized
  • More formal language and salutatory customs are observed in the application process, interview and in the workplace
  • Jobs in Switzerland require special work permits, as it is not EU
  • Networking is increasingly practiced and essential
  • Salaries in Germany are often lower than in Scandinavia, but cost of living is lower too
  • Salaries in Switzerland are high, but so is cost of living

Job sites for Germany, Austria and Switzerland:

jobs.zeit.de is Germany's most authoritative job site, offering comprehensive job listings in business, science, research and public organizations. 

Jobwinner is a leading job site for Switzerland. An efficient and reliable jobmarket site for jobseekers, with jobs from various fields and industries. 

Swiss Dev Jobs is a Swiss job board specializing in IT jobs, built in 2018 for both developers and companies.

StepStone  is a highly regarded job portal site in Austria (and in several other countries) where you can find thousands of different job offers from different business owners in the region.

German Tech Jobs is a German job portal specializing in IT jobs.


Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand offer excellent and extensive job opportunities in all sectors. However, as in the US, in order to work in these countries, you need a work visa, which requires sponsorship from an employer beforehand. These countries are very multicultural and immigrant friendly. In particular, the medical and IT job sectors are strong.

Tips to note:

  • High command of English is required
  • Do not add a photo or personal information on your CV
  • Skype interviews are commonplace as screenings and interviews
  • Referees must be able to provide references in high level English

Job sites for Australia and New Zealand: 

Careers in Australia is an Australia wide job site offering listings in all fields.

Jobs in Australia is a comprehensive Australian Government jobsearch website.

Novoresume offers tips and resources for job searching in Australia

Seek New Zealand is one of New Zealand's most comprehensive job sites. 


Academic job sites

Jobs.uk is the top UK international recruitment site, listing worldwide careers in academic, research, science and related professions, including leading global universities, research organisations, colleges, not-for-profits and charities.

Academic Positions is an international career network site for academics, researchers, and scientists, listing job opportunities and employer presentations from organisations all over the world. 

Global Academy Jobs works with universities worldwide to promote academic mobility and international research collaboration, listing vacancies in the academic and research sector, at every stage and at every level of the academic career path.