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International Evaluation of Graduate Schools at Aarhus University

International evaluation of the PhD degree programmes at AU

The evaluation was conducted in fall 2021 by an international evaluation panel consisting of a chair from another Danish university and two-three senior researchers from universities abroad. The panel prepares a statement on the organisation and quality assurance of PhD programmes at the graduate schools on the basis of graduate schools’ self-evaluation reports and examples of PhD dissertations, course programmes and evaluations, as well as a multi-day visit to each graduate school and interviews with PhD students and heads of graduate schools, among others.

The main conclusions of the evaluation reports were:

  • the PhD degree programmes at AU are at a high international level
  • Aarhus University has brilliant PhD students and graduates
  • the graduate schools are well-organised and generally support the quality of the PhD programme
  • PhD students at AU publish at a high international level
  • the PhD programmes should continue the improvement of their structural frameworks to promote well-being and counteract loneliness.

International evaluation reports:

About the evaluation

The evaluators were asked to comment and advise on the organisation of the graduate school and its PhD programmes and to recommend actions that can contribute to the further development of the PhD programmes at Aarhus University.

The panel received materials documenting the organisation and performance of the graduate schools, including a self-evaluation report. An on-site visit took place during which the panel met with PhD students, representatives of the PhD Association, supervisors, programme chairs, the faculty management team, and the head of the graduate school.

In early 2022, the graduate schools will prepare follow-up plans to be implemented at the individual graduate schools.

The next international evaluation of the graduate schools at Aarhus University will take place in 2025.