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About AUPA

What is the aim of AUPA?

AUPA wants to generate knowledge across the different PhD associations at Aarhus University and to create a forum for discussing matters of importance for all PhD students.

Furthermore, AUPA seeks to be a part of the structure of the University and functions as an informal advisory body for the rectorate and the rest of the university management.

How does AUPA work?

  • AUPA is an umbrella organisation that covers the five faculties at Aarhus University.
  • Each faculty holds three seats, and we aim to have representatives from all the local PhD associations. The board meets approximately once a month, and a yearly general assembly is held in early spring.
  • AUPA's board discusses local problems and solutions or initiatives that may be of relevance to all.
  • In addition, AUPA seeks to influence university politics. We discuss the development of the university, and new or outdated solutions and how to improve them.
  • AUPA participates in meetings with the heads of the graduate schools at all five faculties and with the senior management team where relevant. AUPA collaborates with the graduate schools on new projects, initiatives and solutions.

What does AUPA do?

The board of AUPA discusses specific matters regarding PhD students or the PhD journey that board members or others would like AUPA to take up.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have suggestions or contributions.