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Work with your skills, create opportunities and

learn about your career options in the industry

Events and customized workshop

We aim to give you the opportunity to work with your skills, understand your options and the job market, and create opportunities for you to engage with industry in different ways. Every semester we offer a range of workshops and seminars structured around the areas: skills, opportunities and "market yourself" which you can see in our event calendar.

In addition, we also deliver events and customized workshops for researcher networks, researcher groups, journal clubs, associations and other groups within the departments. Below, you can see the different topics that we cover, aimed at Junior Researchers and PhDs respectively. These can of course be adjusted according to your needs, just as we may be able to help with other topics as well. If you want to know more or to book us for a workshop, contact Vibeke Broe  or Miriam V. Kobbersmed for more information. 

Career Workshop modules aimed at PhD students

Career Workshop modules aimed at Postdocs

Photographer: Jesper Rais