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Thank you very much for PhD Career Day 2024. We are in the process of planning PhD Career Day 2025, so keep an eye on this page for continuous updates and information about the day.

PhD Career Day is an annual event where you as a PhD student or junior researcher can learn more about your career prospects by meeting company representatives face-to-face, and getting an understanding of what the companies stand and look for. 

Companies for PhD Career Day 2024

Arla Foods Amba

Arla Foods amba - Creating the future of dairy

Part of our DNA is a constant aim to progress and create something greater and better. Since the cooperative movement began 130 years ago, milk producers have worked together to create a common future in the dairy industry. Their achievements over the years have laid the foundations for Arla Foods today, which is now one of the world's leading dairy companies. Every day, we seek to refine what we deliver and develop solutions for the future. These may take the form of new products and new inspiration for our consumers. New technologies and more effective ways of working. More value in the collaboration with our customers. Healthier and more natural foods. Greater social responsibility. A reduced impact on the environment and climate. Improved food safety. We will not only follow others in the dairy industry - but also help to shape its future, and participate actively in developing the dairy structure of tomorrow and creating new trends in dairy consumption. Therefore, we will keep asking ourselves how we can set the standard for the dairy activities of the future. Are we first? Are we best? Can we research and develop our professional field even more than we do today? Can we challenge ourselves and each other more? We want to do our best and realize Arla's full potential.

Astora Consulting

Astora Consulting specializes in providing expert solutions and strategies for the life science industry, with a focus on the intersection between business and IT. We assist biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare organizations with optimizing their operations, driving innovation, and achieving their goals, in the short- and long term.

Current trends show that digitalization and the use of modern technologies are becoming increasingly important for life science companies to remain competitive, improve patient outcomes, and streamline operations.

At Astora Consulting we assist with the challenges that arise from integrating these new technologies across the value chain through our expertise in organizational design, process optimization, digital transformation & strategy, analysis & implementation, change management, and regulatory and compliance.

Danfoss A/S

We engineer tomorrow to build a better future

Decarbonizing with our customers and long-term value creation. With leading application know-how, and sustainable innovation, we set out to become our customers’ preferred decarbonization partner, with a focus on long-term value creation for our customers and employees.

Five global megatrends

Danfoss is more relevant than ever. We engineer solutions that increase machine productivity, reduce emissions, lower energy consumption, and enable electrification. Our solutions meet many of the challenges from Climate Change, Urbanization, and Food and Water Supply scarcity, while capturing opportunities in Digitalization and Electrification.

ESG initiatives

Decarbonization - We pioneer solutions for customers to enable decarbonization in an intelligent, cost-optimal manner and ensure carbon neutrality in our own operations
Circularity - We innovate best-in-class circular products as the default when developing, producing, sourcing, and selling to deliver new value propositions
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - We offer a leading employee experience that values and respects diversity and inclusion to attract and retain top talent that can lead the green transition

Danske Commodities

Danske Commodities is a tech-driven energy trading company that trades power, gas and certificates across 40 markets. Every day, the company completes thousands of trades, constantly moving energy to where it’s needed most and enabling the energy transition by making it a viable business.

Danish Technological Institute

Danish Technological Institute is a leading research and technology company. Come meet them if you want to develop and disseminate research and new technologies for the green transition within food, energy, and materials as well as digitalization. Around 25% of the employees have a PhD.


Diosynth Biotechnology’s mission is advancing tomorrow’s medicine. As a CDMO, we work in partnership with the most innovative biopharma and biotech companies across the world who are reimagining healthcare’s potential. We help to accelerate their progress, expand their capabilities, streamline their processes, and strengthen their innovation. So when our customers’ potential cures, vaccines, biologics, and accomplishments make strides – or even become new realities for patients – we know our work, our manufacturing expertise, and our partnership helped make it happen. FDB isn’t simply a workplace. It’s a place of passion – a place of what we call Genki.


HØIBERG is a European Intellectual Property firm, which counsels on all aspects of intellectual property rights including patents and IP strategies. We have both start-ups and multi-national companies as clients. A patent consultant ensures that the inventions of today become the products of tomorrow. We ensure that innovative ideas reach the market by giving inventors the right to their ideas. At HØIBERG, 90% of our Patent Attorneys have a PhD degree. You need a scientific degree to become a Patent Consultant - NOT a law degree. The job combines scientific skills with new knowledge on IP law and business development, so you are constantly challenged, occasionally also within your own scientific field.

InCommodities A/S

At InCommodities, we buy and sell power, natural gas, and output from renewables across the globe. Our transactions balance the energy markets, ensuring the security of supply, the lowest possible prices for consumers, and reliable, steady energy.

Founded in 2017 in Aarhus, Denmark, we are one of the world's fastest-growing energy trading companies, today employing +200 people from more than 20 countries.

But how did we get there? We decided to do things differently. We challenged old structures and questioned management processes. We created a supportive culture to be proud of. We nurtured a common aspiration to rethink how data and technology are used.

Today, we see ourselves as a scalable tech company pioneering algorithmic energy trading and renewables management. Software development, automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are cornerstones of our business model.

But most importantly, everything we achieve rests on our team. Making InCommodities outstanding requires many different professions and personalities. And that could be you!


The Innovation Fund Denmark creates a framework for the country's entrepreneurs, researchers and companies so that they can develop innovative solutions to society's challenges. They will introduce the Industrial post.doc programme and the Innoexplorer programme. 

Kamstrup A/S

Kamstrup is a Danish technology company, which was founded in 1946 with employees in more than 20 countries and headquarters in Stilling south of Aarhus. We believe no one should have to question their access to clean water or the prospect of a sustainable energy future. Our smart metering solutions empower utilities and societies to reduce water loss and increase energy efficiency by providing them with the insight to act and the data to target their efforts.


KMC – 90 years of know how

The company KMC supplies potato-based ingredients to food industry clients throughout the world. KMC is a cooperative, owned by Danish potato growers, developing, producing and exporing potato-based ingredients for food, feed and other products for more than 9o countries. We have full control over the enire supply chain. We have a guaranteed supply of quality-controlled raw materials with rigorously documents origin, which also helps us boost the quality of our ingredients. The products KMC Applications are used in cheese, sugar confectionary, plant-based alternatives, dressings, snacks, noodles and more. Our R&D focus is on natural polymer chemistry, food technology and pretty much any other innovative technical capability we can apply to tackling our customers’ practical requirements and commercial priorities better.

NMD Pharma

NMD Pharma discovers and develops novel therapeutics for neuromuscular diseases.

NMD Pharma has a unique experimental platform focusing on ion channel function and electrophysiology of skeletal muscle. We develop small molecule inhibitors of skeletal muscle-specific ClC-1 ion channels that have a promising therapeutic potential in a range of neuromuscular diseases in which muscle activation is failing leading to muscle weakness and excessive fatigue that compromise the ability of patients to conduct essential human behaviour and cause lack of independence.

Our initial focus is on myasthenia gravis, spinal muscular atrophy, Charcot-Marie Tooth’s disease, and sarcopenia. Each of these diseases has a profound impact on patient's functional level and their overall quality of life.

Read more here: https://www.nmdpharma.com/

Raven biosciences

Raven biosciences is an Aarhus-based innovation and consulting company, offering turnkey and bespoke AI solutions for diagnostics, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology companies across the world.

Our domain experts combine technologies from bioinformatics, cheminformatics, computational chemistry, computer-assisted drug discovery, high-performance computing and machine learning to bring the power of AI to companies.

Many companies struggle to adopt AI technologies as they do not have internal resources necessary to develop and manage advanced analysis solutions. Raven biosciences gives them fast access to otherwise inaccessible AI technology and allow them to be part of the AI revolution in biotech with solutions that maximize their impact and value creation within the company.

Check out www.ravenbiosciences.com or www.linkedin.com/company/raven-biosciences to learn more.


Throughout our 125-year history, Roche has grown into one of the world’s largest biotech companies, as well as a
leading provider of in-vitro diagnostics and a global supplier of transformative innovative solutions across major
disease areas.

We have a powerful research platform that positions us at the intersection of biological knowledge, clinical disease
understanding, and technological advancements enabled by data science. We are able to apply our collective
understanding – from molecular biology, antibodies, immunotherapy and gene therapy, to screening, diagnostics,
imaging, bioinformatics, data analytics and genomic profiling – to discover and develop solutions that will truly
address urgent healthcare challenges.
What do we offer? A unique opportunity to work in a positive, highly dynamic, multidisciplinary environment, where
you can share your knowledge and expand your skills in one of the world's largest healthcare companies. You'll be
able to drive your own project forward in a targeted manner and direction you yourself help to determine.

Visit our webpage here:

SEGES Innovation

SEGES Innovation..

is an innovation company that works every day towards sustainable agricultural and food production. We aim to ensure the balance between using and protecting the Earth's resources for the benefit of current and future generations. We integrate professional insights with digital competencies and technologies, enabling knowledge to be applied in the barn, in the field, at the desk, and throughout the entire value chain.

If you want to contribute to a sustainable future, then keep reading.

As a student, you collaborate on projects within your field of study and contribute to our vision of creating the future of sustainable food. 

Our Values

Courage, heart, and depth constitute the foundation of SEGES Innovation.


We are courageous when we challenge ourselves and each other to achieve shared success, allowing our ambitious and innovative solutions to pave the way forward.


We bring heart to our endeavors, passionately pursuing common goals and caring for one another, dedicatedly collaborating with our customers and partners to create value.


We attain depth when our diverse expertise creates a unique professional environment, and our ability to combine expert knowledge with practice is world-class. For us, values serve as a compass guiding our actions and decisions.


Balance in Life

There must be balance in both work and personal life. At SEGES Innovation, we aim to support your development to fit your situation. Your work hours will be arranged to accommodate both your studies and exams.


Room for Great Diversity

Both as Individuals and in Expertise SEGES Innovation boasts a wide range of expertise, with everyone contributing their unique knowledge to our important agenda. We have many specialists in agricultural sciences, communication, economics, and digital profiles.


Takeda is a patient-focused, values-based, R&D-driven global biopharmaceutical company committed to bringing Better Health and a Brighter Future to people worldwide. Our passion and pursuit of potentially life-changing treatments for patients are deeply rooted in over 240 years of distinguished history in Japan.

Our global organization has more than 50.000 employees worldwide and covers around 80 countries. We are approximately 70 employees in our Danish affiliate, covering functions such as: Commercial operations, Medical Affairs, Market Access, Regulatory/Compliance and Data, Digital & Technology.

Our employees in the Danish affiliate covers a broad educational background ranging from marketing, communication, economists, health economists, public health to nurses, pharmacists and doctors, several of these with additional PhD degrees.

The Royal Danish Library (Det Kongelige Bibliotek)

The Royal Danish Library (Det Kgl. Bibliotek) is an institution under the Danish Ministry of Culture. They supply and distribute knowledge and information as well as preserve the Danish cultural heritage for posterity.

As a university library, Royal Danish Library provides services that support research and education at Aarhus University, the IT University of Copenhagen, the University of Copenhagen and Roskilde University. As a national library, Royal Danish Library collects, preserves and provides access to cultural heritage via texts, images and audio, in both physical and digital form. As a loan centre for the Danish public libraries, Royal Danish Library provides service that supplements the public libraries’ service offerings to citizens. As a research institution, Royal Danish Library increases knowledge and awareness of the Danish cultural heritage.


At the heart of QIAGEN’s business is a vision for making improvements in life possible. We deliver on this promise by providing differentiating Sample to Insight solutions that help our customers to unlock valuable molecular insights encoded in the building blocks of life. Scientists, doctors, lab directors and other professionals committed to answering life’s questions look to QIAGEN for solutions in molecular testing.

QIAGEN Aarhus is part of the QIAGEN’s Digital Insights branch. In the company offices in Prismet, 65 highly skilled employees are working together on developing bioinformatics software solutions for analysis of biological samples, the main focus being on DNA, RNA and other types of omics NGS data.

Zacco Denmark A/S

Zacco is looking for Patent attorney trainees to our headquater in Ørestad and to our office in Århus

Patents – where engineering meets law®

We are in constant need of brilliant minds and innovative ways of taking care of our client’s business and ideas. If you believe that protecting innovations and ideas creates value, you should come join us.

Are you the future of intellectual property? Then join us!

We are one of Europe’s leading IP firms. Joining us means joining an international organisation, which offers many opportunities. We work with all types of clients: large, international clients, small and medium-sized clients and local start-ups. Zacco offers an exciting environment to grow and learn from the best in the business. We take care of all of our clients’ intangible assets. We work in a proactive manner, often in tailor-made teams to suit our clients’ needs, and we have an ambitious and motivating working culture.

Organisations 2024

Aarhus University Alumni Network

Aarhus University's Alumni Network is for all alumni from Aarhus University (AU), including alumni from educational institutions that have merged with AU. You become an alumnus when you graduate from Aarhus University, in other words when you hold a Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, professional Master’s or diploma degree from the university.The mission is to create life-long relationships with our alumni that create value for the alumni, students, staff, AU and society.

As a member of the Aarhus University Alumni Network you will receive:

  • News and offers from AU
  • Invitations to events 
  • Continuing and further education 
  • Access to life-long learning, inspiration, meaningful networking and career enhancement


AUPA works politically and strategically to improve well-being and conditions for PhDs across the five faculties at Aarhus University. They discuss the university's development, new or existing solutions, and how to improve them. 


DANEMO is the Danish research support center and communication platform with the mission to increase attention to the numerous opportunities at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO) for career paths, funding, and scientific services such as core facilities, databases, instruments, and large-scale facilities. EMBO and EMBL opportunities are relevant to everyone in the Danish research communities within life sciences in both academia and industry, from undergraduates to senior scientists! 

Danish Life Science Cluster

Danish Life Science Cluster is a Danish national cluster for life science and welfare technology. We connect partners, drive innovation, and create networks between companies, research institutions, and organizations within life science and welfare technology. Co-financed by Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science.


IDA is a politically independent trade union and interest group that seeks to influence the outside world in the intersection between the interests of its members and society.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is Aarhus University’s startup hub dedicated to help entrepreneurs and innovators grow. In The Kitchen, you can explore your entrepreneurial potential through workshops, courses, events and inspirational talks.