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PhD Career Week 2022

Almost 500 people signed up for PhD Career Week 2022. Thanks to all of you for making this a successful event.

PhD Career Week 2022 encompassed  6 career workshops and 21 company presentations spread out over three days. The participating companies covered all types of industries.

PhD Career Week is an annual event where young researchers can learn more about the career prospects, meet with companies, and network. The event is open for PhDs and junior researchers from all universities in Denmark with the aim of providing an overview of non-academic career possibilities as well as introducing the companies to the talents at the Danish universities.

We are in the process of planning PhD Career Week 2023 which will contain a three day virtual fair with career workshops and job-function presentations. In addition to last year we will also present a physical career fair with 20 companies 27 April 2023 - save the date. 

PhD Career Week 2022 Full Programme

31 May (Tue)

1 June (Wed)

2 June (Thu)


Career Workshops


Career Workshops  


Career Workshops  

Welcome by AU Career
PhD & JR
8.30-10.00:   CV Writing (PharmaDanmark) 8.30-9.55: 

Cover Letter Writing (DM)

8:45-9.45: Career Decision Making (IDA)
9.50- 11.30:  

PhD Skill Awareness Workshop

by Sarah Blackford

10.00-11:30:   LinkedIn (DJØF) 10.00-11:30:  

Working Across Cultures - Intercultural Awareness Webinar

by Kathy Borys Siddiqui


Company Presentations


Company Presentations


Company Presentations


Arla Foods

Det Kgl. Bibliotek


Foss Scitaris (Germany based) HØIBERG



Working as a medical writer (Ana Oliveira, Novo Nordisk)

Chr. Hansen Working as a Teacher and Researcher at VIA University College (Lise Majgaard)
14.05-14:50: Danfoss McKinsey Nationalbanken
Danish Technological Institute
15.00-15.45: Roche COWI Qiagen
Implement Consulting Group
15.55-16.40:   Innovationsfonden


Want to know more?

Would you like to collaborate with us on PhD Career Week 2023, or do you have any questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at career.phd@au.dk or contact Emma Bager at evb@au.dk